Subsoiling Machine


1. Adjustable working width.

2. Adjustable working depth.

3. Easy operation.

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Model 1S-220 1S-280 1S-360
Linkage 3 Point Hitch Cat. II / Cat. III
Line Spacing 450-550 (or customized)
Working width 2200 mm 2800 mm 3600 mm
Plough Depth 250-350 mm 250-400 mm 250-500 mm
Working Speed 4-10 Km/H
Power requirement above 80 Hp above 120 hp above 150 hp
Overall Dimensions 2.1×2.54×1.4 m 2.0×3.3×1.35m 2.8×3.9×1.75 m
Weight 850 Kg 1080 Kg 1580 Kg

Model 1SZL-200 1SZL-264 1SZL-300 1SZL-350
Linkage 3 Point Hitch Cat. II / Cat. III
Line Spacing 400-575 mm
Working width 2000 mm 2640 mm 3000 mm 3500 mm
Plough Depth 300-500 mm
Working Speed 4-10 Km/H
Power requirement above 95 hp above 120hp above 160 hp above 160 hp
Overall Dimensions 2.85*2.4*1.6 m 2.9*2.75*1.6 m 2.85*3.25*1.6 m 2.85*3.75*1.6 m
Net Weight 1100 Kg 1380 Kg 1730 Kg 1850Kg

High-efficiency Mini subsoiler
1. The machine is the organic combination of deep subsoiler and rotary tilller.So it can once completes soil of deep pine and surface soil of rotary tilling job.
2. It applies soil preparation befer sowing corn and wheat.So it reduce the times of tractor into field and good for keep soil crumb structure.
3. Enhance soil of water moisture ability subsoiling machine is a multi-functional soil tillage machine, which is mainly used for deep tillage, hoeing and rotary tillage in greenhouses or low-rise buildings. The machine has the characteristics of high work efficiency and large traction, and is a good helper for farmers to make a fortune. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a push-up shovel, which can be used as a bulldozer.In addition, the rear excavator produced by the company can be used for excavation, clearing trenches and planting trees.

It’s mainly suitable for subsoiling in the field of potato, bean, cotton.

It breaks surface harden soil and clean stubble well and can retain water underground.

It has advantages of adjustable row spacing, wide range of applying and convenient suspension etc.

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