• Brush Cutter

    Brush Cutter

    Brush Cutter Grass : a multi-purpose machine can be matched with a loose soil head, weeding wheel, ditch knife. Can be widely used in orchards, vineyards, gardens, gardens, vegetable bases, tea gardens, farmland and other environments. The machine is small and light in weight. Ordinary housewives...
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  • Fogging Machine

    Fogging Machine

    The composition and working principle of fogging machine 1. Fogging machine is mainly composed of four parts: water, circuit, oil road, gas road. Including: carburetor, engine and explosion pipe, heat pipe, heat dissipation hood, frame, fuel tank, liquid medicine box, box handle, liquid medicine ...
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  • Four-Wheel Tractors

    Four-Wheel Tractors

    Tractors are self-propelled power machines used to pull and drive working machines to complete various mobile operations. Also can do the fixed work motive force. By the engine, transmission, walking, steering, hydraulic suspension, power output, electrical instruments, driving control and tracti...
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  • Rotary Tiller

    Rotary Tiller

    Rotary tiller has a strong ability of cutting and crushing soil, which can achieve the crushing soil effect that can be achieved only by several times of general plough and harrow operation. Besides, the surface is flat and soft after rotary tilling, which can meet the requirements of intensive t...
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  • Walking Tractor

    Walking Tractor

    Walking tractor is a kind of transportation and agricultural machinery popular in China’s villages and towns. Its small and flexible size and strong power make it very popular with farmers. It turns to the clutch mainly depending on the left and right armrests, which is different from the s...
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  • Ditching Machine

    Ditching Machine

    Ditching machine is a ditching, soil, fertilization, backfill integration of small agricultural machinery, to the ordinary small four-wheel tractor for power, three-point suspension pull type ditching machine, double blade disc ditching machine. The trench depth is about 35 cm. Shichao furrow fer...
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