Hospital epidemic prevention virus sterilizing mist sanitizer disinfection fogging machine

Thermal fogging machine/fogging disinfectent machine

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Model ZC-90
Weight 11.5kgs 
Size 1180x315x310mm
Solution Capacity 15L
Oil Tank 2L
Power Pulse jet engine
Oil Gas above No 92#
Certificate CE/ISO
Oil Consumption <2.5L
Max Spraying Capacity 90L/h


Pesticide ratio and method of use (for reference only)

1. Water mist
Crops based on water spray, such as: fruit trees, greenhouses, corn, wheat, cotton, sugar cane, chestnut, bananas, tea gardens, flowers, grapes, cherries, strawberries, kiwis, etc.

2.Dispensing method
According to the degree of pests and diseases and the conventional method of spraying drugs, the dosage of one mu of land is mixed with water and added to the medicine box, which can spray about 1.2 mu.
Spray evenly and cover crops to be comprehensive. The mist is hovered in space for 5-10 minutes to achieve the best results.
Spray the spray away from the crop (80-100 cm) to prevent damage to the crop.
The correct spraying method is to spray down for 1-2 seconds after the flat spray, so that the mist meets the ground resistance, and then rises to the back of the crop to make it adhere.

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Thermal fogging machine fogging disinfectent machine4
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