Double Plough


Light structure, simple operation, high work efficiency

Applicable fields

Forestry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, agriculture

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Product Detail

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Model ZC-ST
Working width 60cm
Working depth 20cm
No.of blades 2
Fitted power 8-20hp

Double Plough together with 8-20hp Walking Tractor and 12-20hp Mini Tractor suits for Ploughing in dry farmlands and Paddy fields. It is in the shape of triangular arc shovel. It has small resistance in cutting in soil, and good effect in breaking soil by grid share wall. The curved Surface of Plough body is designed according to the principle of reciprocating valve type. It has small resistance in ploughing and is good in turning up soil block, and well in aerial soil block. The walking tractor fits for various soils and agrotechnical requirements.

Double plough was specially designed for power tillers. It is featured by its’ simple and strong structure, good reliability, easy operation, long service life
It has a compact structure and suitable for working on all various land. with the well working performance of the machine, after cultivation, the land surface is levelling, the soil clods well crushed and turned over and the furrows is small.

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