Ditching Machine For 3 Point Hitch Mini Tractor

The opening groove machine is a kind of efficient and practical new opening ditch device.

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model ZC-30
weight 200kg
working width 30-40cm
working depth 20-60cm
matched power 25-100hp

After the diesel engine passes through the belt to the clutch, drive the walking gearbox, the transmission shaft, the rear axle and so on to realize the forward or backward straight movement of the chain grooves.

It is mainly used for irrigation, scallion,ginger,orchard fertilization, greenhouse vegetables and orchard drainage etc. The ditch shaped is straight, upright,deep and wide.

Product usage
1. Plastic greenhouse outside the edge of the soil and drainage ditch operations.
2. Ditching and earthing of scallion field and ginger field.
3. Orchard (apple, pear, grape, persimmon, jujube tree, etc.) ditch fertilization operations.
4. Orchard drainage ditch and irrigation operations.
5. Winter grape planting operation.
6. Mulberry field ditch, fertilization operations.
Suitable for all kinds of soil: hard soil, clay, black soil, mountain, soft soil can be used

Our Services
1. 24 hours on line service.
2. When meets machine failure problem, our factory will ensure that the problem is solved within 1 hour.
3. Povide machine install video.
4. 100% Quality control before forwarding.
5. Provide logistics information, like shipping by sea, shipping by express DHL, FEDEX delivery, real-time tracking service.
6. Delivery time: Within 5-7 days after receiving clients’ payment.

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